Staff and Contact

Meghan Benesh

Co-owner, co-founder, patron saint of all things detailed and logistical.

Mike Legenthal

Co-owner, co-founder, overseer of all that is talented.

Dan Benesh

Manager of all things unforseen, out-putter of fires, and handler of all things sudden.

Dan Legenthal

MC, Jack-of-all-trades, problem exterminator.

Meghan Lisi

MC Extraordinaire!

Meghan has been a both an actor and a dancer her entire life. One fateful night after a Lindy Hop dance in New York, some wiley Philadelphians kidnapped her and took her to her very first Blues House Party. That night, she lost her heart to the Blues forever. Meghan’s background in theatre has bled in to her dancing where often times music will create a character, a story, or just an emotion or feel that will guide her expressiveness and creativity with that partner in that moment.

After teaching Lindy Hop and Blues for a few years, she landed in Memphis, TN – Soulsville USA, which she now calls home.  Being in Memphis has allowed her creativity to continue in both acting and dance, where she teaches weekly Lindy Hop classes and is active in the theatre community as well, most recently playing Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Most recently, Meghan got to soak up all the glory that is Lindy Focus, and was thrilled to walk away placing third in the Blues Jack and Jill and as runner up in the Blues Late Night Challenge.  She is thrilled to be emcee at this, the final year of Enter the Blues.  Get ready to shake-it, y’all, we’ve saved the best for last!

Karen Steimle

Goddess of all things housing.  She rocks.

Brandi Ferrebee

Assistant director and coordinator of volunteers. You too can get paid $10 an hour to volunteer.

Emily Keen

Georgia Tech Dance Association President

Co-sponsor of Enter the Blues & saviors of the ballroom floor.

Doug Sutton

Official Photographer

Doug started Swing dancing 2006 and soon after started photographing dancers. Today he’s commonly found dancing with his camera in tow: documenting smiles, dancers, and memories. Doug has always loved photography, so pairing up his favorite activities, dancing, fellowship and photography is trifecta of gooey goodness that keeps him engaged; his photos strive to express the joys of the Blues dance culture so that those who do attend can relive fond memories, and for that those who cannot, feel like they were there.

Check out his photos at:

More Awesome Staff

Graphic Designer: Jackie Palmieri
Food Coordinator: Raewyn Lowe McCombs
Competitions Manager: Rachel Pitner