The Final Enter the Blues – Feb 14-16, 2014

News for 2014

2014 has been our final EtB, please see the “From the Team” for more information.

2014 Videos will be available on Tori Cushing’s Youtube Channel.
2014 Photos will be available on Doug Sutton’s Facebook Page.

For videos from 2013, check out the following video playlist.
For photos from 2013, check out Ben Hejkal’s album.

Ever wonder what it took to make Enter the Blues happen?
We made a video to show you…

Competition Results

Invitational Jack and Jill
1st Dan Repsch and Flouer Evelyn
2nd Andrew Smith and Julie Brown
3rd Shawn Hershey and Rachel Stirling

1st Julie Brown
2nd Flouer Evelyn and Alfredo Melendez
3rd Natalya

1st Andrew Smith and Julie Brown
2nd John Joven and Shoshi Krieger
3rd Brian Richards and Laura Wood

Jack and Jill leads
1st Brian Richards
2nd Kerry Jones
3rd Kevin Sihlanick

Jack and Jill follows
1st Elizabeth Tuazon
2nd Shoshi Krieger
3rd Laney Barhaugh

1st Rachel Stirling
2nd Andrew Smith
3rd Shawn Hershey